Below is a list of characters in The Simpsons: Tapped Out. They are organised by character collection.


Name Cost/How to unlock Character collection
Homer N/A Simpsons
Marge Build Moe's Tavern Simpsons
Bart Build Bart's Tree House Simpsons
Lisa Build the Simpson House Simpsons
Grampa Build the Retirement Castle Simpsons
Flanders Build the Flanders House Churchy Joes
Rev. Lovejoy Build the First Church of Springfield Churchy Joes
Todd Build Sir Putt-A-Lot's Churchy Joes
Rod Build Sir Putt-A-Lot's Churchy Joes
Maude's Ghost Complete The Ghost in the Machine-based App Pt.4 Churchy Joes
Mr. Burns Build the Cooling Towers Villains
Hank Scorpio Build the Volcano Lair Villains
Snake Build Springfield Penitentiary Villains
The Rich Texan Donuts85 Villains
Skinner Build Springfield Elementary School Workers
Willie Build Willie's Shack School Workers
Mrs. Krabappel Build the Krabappel Apartment School Workers
Otto Build the School Bus School Workers
Chalmers Build Springfield High School School Workers
Wiggum Build the Police Station Civil Servants
Quimby Build the Town Hall Civil Servants
Lou Build the S.W.A.T. Van Civil Servants
Eddie Build the S.W.A.T. Van Civil Servants
K9 Officer Donuts45 Civil Servants
Apu Build the Kwik-E-Mart Business Owners
Comic Book Guy Build Android's Dungeon Business Owners
Moe Build Moe's Tavern Business Owners
Luigi Build Luigi's Business Owners
Lugash Build Lugash's Gym Business Owners
Brockman Build Channel 6 C-List Celebrities
Bumblebee Man Donuts60 C-List Celebrities
Arnie Pye Donuts85 C-List Celebrities
Sideshow Mel Build Krustylu Studios C-List Celebrities
Miss Springfield Build the Sleep-Eazy Motel C-List Celebrities
Krusty the Clown Bulid Krusty Burger B-List Celebrities
Duffman Build the Duff Brewery B-List Celebrites
Booberella Donuts100 B-List Celebrites
Drederick Tatum Build Springfield Coliseum B-List Celebrites
Wolfcastle Build Wolfcastle's Mansion B-List Celebrites
Cletus Build Cletus's Farm Oddballs
Professor Frink Build Frink's Lab Oddballs
Herman Build Herman's Military Antiques Oddballs
Sea Captain Build the Houseboat Oddballs
Handsome Pete Donuts80 Oddballs
Squeaky Voice Teen Donuts30 Squeaky-voiced Teens & Molemen
Hans Moleman Donuts60 Squeaky-voiced Teens & Molemen
Milhouse Build the Van Houten House Kids
Martin Build Springfield Library Kids
Ralph Build the Wiggum House Kids
Sherri and Terri Donuts150 Kids
Kearney Donuts60 Toughies
Nelson Build the Muntz House Toughies
Shauna Donuts90 Toughies
Jimbo Donuts120 Toughies
Dolph Build Noise Land Video Arcade Toughies
The Raven Donuts30 Treehouse of Horror XXIII
Burns Monster Treat300/Donuts30 Treehouse of Horror XXIII
Mayan God Build the Mayan Calendar Treehouse of Horror XXIII
Talking Krusty Doll Build the House of Evil/Donuts60 Treehouse of Horror XXIII
Fat Tony Play the Penny-Wiseguys Promotional/Build the Businessman's Social Club Wise Guys
Legs Build Fat Tony's Compound Wise Guys
Louie Build Fat Tony's Compound Wise Guys
Barney Build Barney's Bowlarama Barflies
Blue Funzo Donuts50 Funzos
Pink Funzo Santa coin1000/Donuts70 Funzos
Purple Funzo Santa coin750/Donuts60 Funzos
Santa's Little Helper Santa coin1500/Donuts150 Animals and Pets
Frink's Robot Dog Donuts60 Animals and Pets
Jub-Jub Build Springfield Pet Shop Animals and Pets
Turkey Complete Thankless Thanksgiving Pt.12 Animals and Pets
Christmas Raccoon Collect 20px18000 Animals and Pets
Dr. Hibbert Build Hibbert Family Practice Doctors
Dr. Nick Donuts90 Doctors
Smithers Build Burns Manor Plant Workers
Lenny Build Springfield Buddhist Temple Plant Workers
Carl Build Springfield Buddhist Temple Plant Workers
Mindy Build Madame Chao's Plant Workers
Tom O'Flanagan Build O'Flanagan's Pub Irishmen
Leprechaun Build Wishing Well Irishmen
Lumpy Donuts55 Whacking Day
Pet Snake Snakes5500 Whacking Day
Agnes Build Skinner House Oldies
Jasper Build the Community Center Oldies
Mime Donuts40 Boardwalk Performers
Juggler Donuts60 Boardwalk Performers
Fiddler Donuts50 Boardwalk Performers
Human Statue Cash10000 Boardwalk Performers
Fire Eater Donuts70 Boardwalk Performers
Rex Banner Build Nighthawk Diner 4th July 2013
Abraham Lincoln Build Lincoln's Cabin 4th July 2013
Itchy Mascot Donuts60 Krustyland Mascots
Scratchy Mascot Donuts60 Krustyland Mascots
Poochie Mascot Krustylandticket2500 Krustyland Mascots
Patty Build Spinster City Apartments Bouvier Family
Selma Build Spinster City Apartments Bouvier Family
Disco Stu Build Stu's Disco More Oddballs
The Yes Guy 20px975 million More Oddballs
Kumiko FREE (Married to the Blob Promotional) More Oddballs
Brandine Donuts100 More Oddballs
King Snorky File:Goo.png5250 Treehouse of Horror XXIV
Frog Prince File:Goo.png20 million Treehouse of Horror XXIV
Suzanne the Witch Build Gingerbread House Treehouse of Horror XXIV
Kang Purchase Ray Gun/Unlock Crashed UFO Aliens
Kodos Purchase Ray Gun Aliens
Shuffling Zombie File:Goo.png2000 Zombies
Crazy Zombie Donuts12 Zombies
Senile Zombie Donuts12 Zombies
Snarling Zombie Cash50000 Zombies
Clawing Zombie File:Goo.png1 million Zombies
Kirk Build Bachelor Arms Apartments Van Houtens
Luann Build Cracker Factory Van Houtens
Tribal Chief Build Caesar's Pow-Wow Casino More Business Owners
The Grumple Donuts120 Holiday 2013
Mr. Costington Build Costington's Holiday 2013
Candy Kevin Donuts40 Holiday 2013
Snow Monster Holiday Wheel prize Holiday 2013
Judge Snyder Build the Court House Legal Eagles
Blue-Haired Lawyer Donuts90 Legal Eagles
Whitney Complete Brandine's 90 day task Spuckler Brood
Dubya Complete Brandine's 90 day task Spuckler Brood
Birthday Complete Brandine's 90 day task Spuckler Brood
Snowball II Collect Template:FriendPoints4500 (reach Friend level 3) More Animals and Pets
Stampy Collect Template:FriendPoints11000 (reach Friend level 5) More Animals and Pets

Italicized characters were limited time and may not be available again.

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