The Christmas Event Guide

The Christmas Event was the second Major event to take place in The Simpsons: Tapped Out. It was initially released to players on December 5, 2012. It included limited time new content and added the ability to collect Santa coins to purchase rewards. The event ended on January 10, 2013 - but the snow that was introduced during the event stayed but disappeared upon the release of the Valentine's Day Event on January 30, 2013.

Some of the new content included characters in reference to The Simpsons' Christmas themed episodes, such as Funzos. With the new currency of Santa Coins, players could purchase new Christmas decorated façades for houses and other buildings. New decorated building façades were priced at 50 Santa Coins each, and when a building is using one of them, it would produce 5 Santa Coins every 24 hours. Some of the other new features and quests added in the event can be found below.

New ContentEdit

Below is a list of all the items available with the Christmas Event released on December 5, 2012. Please note that after the event, some, or even all, of the items listed may no longer be available.


Name Cost Cost After Christmas Event Characters Unlocked
Mapple Store Santa coin150 Donuts150 None
Barney's Bowlarama Santa coin200 Donuts250 Barney Gumble
Try-N-Save Santa coin450 Donuts70 None
Santa's Village Donuts200 This building was not available to buy after the Christmas Event was over. Santa Homer
Krustylu Studios Donuts140 Donuts140 Sideshow Mel


Name Cost
Reindeer Donuts20


Name Cost/How To Unlock Cost After Christmas Event Character Collection
Barney Gumble Barney's Bowlarama Donuts250, Comes with Barney's Bowlarama Barflies
Blue Funzo Donuts50 Donuts50 Funzos
Purple Funzo Santa coin750 Donuts50 Funzos
Pink Funzo Santa coin1000 Donuts70 Funzos
Santa's Little Helper Santa coin1500 Donuts150 Animals and Pets


A list of all of the main quests can be found below:

Quest Task Reward
Christmas Place the Holiday Tree Santa coin30

Christmas Hours

Make Apu do a 168 Hour Shift

Santa coin10
Let's Skidoodle Make Ned Take the Boys Snowmobiling  Santa coin30
Skilightful! Make Homer Pretend to Ski
Make Lisa Pretend to Ski 
Santa coin30
Snow Fun

Make Homer Make a Snowman
Make Lisa Make Snow Angels

Santa coin10
What's a Myp-Od?

Have 150 Santa Coins
Build the Mapple Store

Santa coin10
Mapple in Motion Make Ned Browse the Mapple Store
Make Homer Browse the Mapple Store
Make Lisa Browse the Mapple Store
Santa coin10
Pin Pals

Have 200 Santa Coins
Build Barney's Bowlarama

Santa coin10

Unlock: Barney

Ho Ho Ho! (optional quest)

Build Santa's Village 

Santa coin10

Unlock: Santa Homer

Wow! A Job!

Make Barney Be a Pin Monkey
Make Homer Go Bowling

Santa coin10
Blitzed and Confused Make Barney Go on a Binge Santa coin10
Gimme Gimme Gimme a Drink after Midnight Make Barney Sleep in the Gutter Santa coin10
The Worst Day Of My Life, again! Make Barney Sober Up Santa coin10
Moe Beer, Moe Problems Make Barney Drink at Moe's Santa coin10
You Can Try-N-Save, But You Won't

Have 450 Santa Coins
Build Try-N-Save

Santa coin10
Funzo Mania Get any Funzo Santa coin10
Santa's Little Helper

Have 1500 Santa Coins
Get Santa's Little Helper

Santa coin10
Unlock: Santa's Little Helper