Comic Book Guy


Comic Book Guy

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Android's Dungeon

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Business Owners

Worst. Unlock Screen. Ever.
―Comic Book Guy's unlock message.

Comic Book Guy is a non-premium character in the Business Owners collection. He is unlocked upon building the Android's Dungeon.

Simpsons Wiki DescriptionEdit

Jeffrey "Jeff" Albertson, better known as Comic Book Guy, is the overweight, geeky proprietor of the comic book store, the Android's Dungeon.

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Job Income Experience Time Requires Visual?
Trip To Lard Lad's Cash10 XP2 5m Lard Lad Donuts Nope
Go For A Checkup Cash15 XP5 10m Hibbert Family Practice Nope
Eat At Krusty Burger Cash40 XP10 30m Krusty Burger Nope
Eat At Gulp 'N' Blow Cash70 XP17 60m Gulp 'N' Blow Nope
Read A Comic Cash110 XP27 2h Check
Attend Mensa Meeting Cash135 XP35 3h Gazebo Nope
Eat At Skip's Diner Cash175 XP45 4h Skip's Diner Nope
Watch and Despise A Movie Cash225 XP55 6h Aztec Theatre Nope
Visit The Java Server Cash275 XP70 8h The Java Server Nope
Cosplay Cash420 XP100 12h Check
Sell Comics Cash600 XP150 24h Android's Dungeon Nope


When Selected When sent on a job When collecting from a job
Oooh, loneliness and cheeseburgers is a dangerous mix. Oh, yes. Alrighty, then.
No! Heh


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