Fat Tony


Fat Tony

Level required

28 (5 during Promotional)

Unlocked at

Penny-Wiseguys Promotional or Businessman's Social Club

Number of Jobs

9 Default, 14 total

Premium character?



Wise Guys

I heard there's money in this video game racket. Where's my cut?
―Fat Tony's unlock message.

Fat Tony is a character that was first available during the Penny-Wiseguys Promotional. Fat Tony has no voice actor. In April 2013 along with the Level 28 update, he was re-introduced to the game for players who missed out on getting him during the promotional. He is then unlocked upon building the Businessman's Social Club if the player doesn't already have him.

Simpsons Wiki DescriptionEdit

Marion Anthony D'Amico, also known more commonly as, "Fat Tony", was the boss of the D'Amico crime family. He has been behind several of Springfield's criminal enterprises. His rackets included illegal gambling, cigarette smuggling, and bootlegging. He had also been seen bribing and making secret deals with Mayor Quimby.

Fat Tony also has a son, Michael, who he drove to school. He was a widower and referred to his wife's death as; "She was whacked, by natural causes." Fat Tony and his associates met in what is known as the Legitimate Businessman's Social Club.

Fat Tony died in the episode "Donnie Fatso" of cardiac arrest at age 48, but his cousin Fit Tony gained weight and took over as the new Fat Tony.

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Job name Income Experience Time Requires Visual?
Take a Legitimate Business Meeting Cash40 XP10 30m Businessman's Social Club Nope
Play the Violin Cash75 XP20  60m Check
Fix Races Cash110 XP27 2h Springfield Downs Nope
Have a Dinner Special at Luigi's Cash200 XP50  4h Luigi's Nope
Meet with Old Acquaintances Cash225 XP55 6h Fat Tony's Compound Nope
Collect Construction Kickbacks Cash275 XP75  8h Town Hall Nope
Relax in the Hot Tub Cash525 XP135 10h Hot Tub Check
Get Rid of a Problem Cash350 XP100  12h Purple House Check
Run Organized Crime from Prison Cash600 XP150  24h Springfield Penitentiary Nope

Other JobsEdit

Job name Income Experience Time Requires Type
Buy Hole-Up Supplies Cash3 XP45s Kwik-E-Mart Limited time, Single use
Hole Up in the Brown House Cash6 XP3m Brown House Limited time, Single use
Hole Up in the Simpson's Basement Cash200 XP50  5h Simpson House Limited time, Single use
Join Mr. Burns for Dinner Cash225 XP55 6h Burns Manor Single use
Drink at Moe's Cash275 XP70 8h Moe's Tavern Single use


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