The New Evergreen Terrace

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The New Evergreen Terrace

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Donut-denominated Decorations

Green thumb is a quest task from Simpsons tapped out. It is assigned by Lisa. It requires the player to plant three trees


Quest Task Reward
Green Thumb Plant (3) trees Cash100 XP10


Green ThumbEdit

Lisaicon "We've got to decrease the carbon footprint of our city!"
Homericon "If you're asking me to turn the lights off when I leave the house, forget it."
Lisaicon "Actually, I was thinking we should plant some trees."
Lisaicon "The *Inconvenient Truth* is this place looks boring!"

After planting treesEdit

|Lisaicon |"Remember kids, if you don't help the enviroment you don't get to feel smug about it!" |- |Lisaicon |"Look we've increased our Tree-hugging rating!" |-