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Unlocked at

Lugash's Gym

Number of Jobs


Premium character?



Business Owners

Voiced by

Dan Castellaneta

I train the best. I am Lugash!
―Lugash's unlock message.

Lugash is a childrens Gym Class trainer and formerly trained Lisa Simpson. He is shown to be short tempered, loud and bossy. He is unlocked upon building Lugash's Gym for 175 donuts, which was originally only available for a limited time during the Whacking Day Event, but was later made non-limited time. He is a premium character and the fifth character to be in the Business Owners collection.

Simpsons Wiki DescriptionEdit

Lugash is a gymnastics instructor. He has a thick Romanian accent and a large, brown curled moustache. His origin is a bit mysterious as he says that he came into the United States in 1983 by cartwheeling over the Berlin Wall. His harsh but effective training techniques helped Lisa to achieve a high standard of gymnastic ability. He also has a habit of confiscating his students' cats and dogs, only giving them back when the student has accomplished a physical task. Once however, he refused to give back a girl's dog, but gave her someone else's cat instead.

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Name Income Experience Time Requires Visual?
Confiscate Student Pets Cash105 XP26 60m Check
Train Children Cash260 XP70 4h Lugash's Gym Nope
Intimidate Children Cash420 XP105 8h Lugash's Gym Nope
Attend Anger Management Class Cash600 XP150 12h Adult Education Annex Nope
Groom Moustache Cash1000 XP225 24h Check


When selected When sent on a job When collecting from a job
'I am Lugash.' 'Faster!' 'I am coach Lugash.'
'No giggling!' 'Stop wasting my time!' 'Relax...'



  • Lugash is the fifth character in the Business Owners Collection, and presumably the last, as only five characters can be in a character set at once. This was proven when Duffman was moved from the C-List celebrities category to make room for Miss Springfield.

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