Miss Springfield


Miss Springfield

Level Required


Unlocked at

Sleep-Eazy Motel

Number of Jobs

6 default, 7 total

Premium Character?



C-List Celebrities

Gentlemen, start your whacking!
―Miss Springfield's unlock message

Miss Springfield is a beauty pageant winner, and lover of Joe Quimby. She is unlocked after building the Sleep-Eazy Motel; a Whacking Day Prize. Miss Springfield is also the main character in the quest chain, A Model Life.

Simpsons Wiki DescriptionEdit

Miss Springfield is the lover of Mayor Quimby, and was seen several times in bed with him. She only appeared with the tape and the crown of Miss Springfield. One time while making out in the Sleep-Eazy Motel, both the sashes of Miss Springfield and Mayor Quimby got mixed up. Another time, she and Mayor Quimby were caught making out by Martha Quimby but Quimby yelled "I didn't do it." Quimby once exclaimed that she (Miss Springfield) is not his wife but he will still sleep with her. Miss Springfield was one of two women escorting Mayor Quimby to the Bi-Mon-Sci-Fi-Con. Since then, she is often seen escorting Mayor Quimby to Springfield events.

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Name Income Experience Time Requires Visual?
Enjoy an Evening With the Mayor Cash12 XP4 3m Quimby, Sleep-Eazy Motel Nope
Open an Event Cash70 XP17 60m Town Hall Check
Go for Waxing Cash175 XP45 4h Jake's Unisex Hair Palace Nope
Take Reading Lessons Cash275 XP70 8h Springfield Library Nope
Stay in and Wash her Hair Cash420 XP100 12h Sleep-Eazy Motel Nope
Work It Cash600 XP150 24h Check

Other JobsEdit

Name Income Experience Time Requires Type Visual?
Attempt to Whack Snakes Snakes5 XP100 12h Limited Time Check



  • Miss Springfield is the 5th female out of 6th character released in the game, the first two being Lisa and Marge, the third being Mrs. Krabappel, Shauna being the fourth and Agnes being the 6th.
  • Miss Springfield's 3 minute job is the first job in the game to require another character and a building. The task 'Enjoy an Evening with the Mayor' takes place in the Sleep-Eazy Motel, and involved Miss Springfield and Quimby.

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