Ninja Homer


Homer Simpson

Unlocked at

Ninja Homer Practice Snake

Number of jobs


Limited time?


Level required


Silent but deadly. Also I’m a ninja.
―Ninga Homer's unlock message.

Ninja Homer is a premium outfit for Homer Simpson which was released with the Whacking Day Event. Ninja Homer is unlocked by placing the Ninja Homer Practice Snake which costs 120 donuts.


After the Whacking Day Event, jobs for Ninja Homer remain, sans snakes, and provide more money and experience than regular Homer Simpson jobs. The increased value varies depending on the type of job and is not consistent between money and experience.


Job name Income Experience Time Requires
Fake-Whack Pretend Snakes Snakes1 / Cash105 XP26 60m Practice Snake
Smash up Flanders House Snakes4 / Cash260 XP70 4h Flanders House
Steer the Mob in Wise Directions Snakes8 / Cash420 XP105 8h Simpson House
Twirl Whacking Stick Snakes10 / Cash600 XP150 12h Simpson House
Polish Stick for Whacking Snakes15 / Cash1000 XP225 24h Simpson House