The Scratch-R is a lottery feature/mini-game available via any Kwik-E-Mart. The regular Scratch-R was introuduced to the game on January 30, 2013, and the Golden Scratch-R was released on February 28, 2013 which gave the players chance to win donuts. Read more about the different types of Scratch-R below:

Regular Scratch-REdit

Regular scratch
The Scratch-R is a minigame which was added to The Simpsons: Tapped Out on January 30, 2013 along with the Valentine's Day Event. Each ticket costs the player $250 and you are guaranteed to make a profit of at least $100 every time you play. You have to wait 6 hours before you are able to buy a ticket for cash again, or you can pay 3 donuts for a ticket instantly.


Amount of Cash Odds Pattern Required
Cash10000 1/100 AxeAxeAxe
Cash2500 1/25 CleaverCleaverCleaver
Cash1250 1/10 MalletMalletMallet
Cash750 1/5

Batfinal Batfinal Batfinal

Cash500 1/3 BombBomb
Cash350 1/3 Bomb

Golden Scratch-REdit

Golden scratch
The Golden Scratch-R is a feature which was added to the game on February 28, 2013. It gives the players a chance to win up to 100 donuts, and as little as 6. Each ticket costs $0.99/ £0.69/€0.89. The odds of wining the jackpot are low, but the odds of getting a more unusual combination are higher than which playing on the regular Scratch-R. As of March 2013, it is the most purchased item in the store, despite being there for the shortest amount of time. This could be due to the fact that 12 donuts is priced at $1.99/£1.49/€1.79 and buying 2 Scratch-R's for $1.98/£1.38/€1.78 is guaranteed to give at least 12 donuts for a lower price. A poll was created on the Official game Forumabout how many donuts people had won for the Golden Scratch-R and there was a suprisingly high amount of people claiming to have won the jackpot of 100 donuts.


Amount of Donuts Odds Pattern Required
Donuts100 1/50 AxeAxeAxe
Donuts50 1/25 CleaverCleaverCleaver
Donuts20 1/10 MalletMalletMallet
Donuts12 1/5 Batfinal Batfinal Batfinal
Donuts9 1/3 Bomb Bomb
Donuts6 1/3 Bomb

Platinum Scratch-REdit

The Platinum Scratch-R is an unreleased version of the Scratch-R. It is currently in the files as a minigame, and looks as though it will be released along with the Krustyland Expansion in August 2013. In the files, an icon for the Platinum Scratch-R can be found along with the silver jackpot sticker which lies behind the winning combination. It is currently unknown as to whether the thrid Scratch-R game will also be playable from the Kwik-E-Mart, as the majority of the update which it is released with takes place in Krustyland, and not Springfield. The Platinum Scratch-R will be payed for alike the Golden Scratch-R - with real life money, but it is currently unknown how much the Platinum Scratch-R will cost.


Amount of Donuts Odds Pattern Required
Donuts1000 1/50 AxeAxeAxe
Donuts300 1/25 CleaverCleaverCleaver
Donuts200 1/10 MalletMalletMallet
Donuts125 1/5 Batfinal Batfinal Batfinal
Donuts115 1/3 Bomb Bomb
Donuts100 1/3 Bomb