Springfield Cleaners

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Square One

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The New Evergreen Terrace

"Springfield Cleaners" is the first 'task chain' assigned to the player in The Simpsons: Tapped Out. The player is tasked with making both Homer and Lisa each clean up one pile of Debris each. After Lisa completes her task, the player is rewarded with a single Donut.

Part 1Edit

Homer must clean Springfield of debris. Assigned by game. Requirements for Completion:

  • Make Homer Clean Up Springfield (1)


  • $100, 10 XP

Part 2Edit

Lisa decides to clean up debris as well. Assigned by game. Requirements for Completion

  • Make Lisa Clean Up Springfield (1)



Springfield Cleaners Pt.1Edit

Homericon "Lisa! Thank God you're here to guide me through this tutorial."
Lisaicon "What happened?"

Springfield Cleaners Pt.2Edit

Homericon "Cleaning, Really!? I can't believe that's what passes for fun in games these days."
Lisaicon "It's tedious, I know. That's why I want to do some too!"

After doing her taskEdit

Lisaicon "Hey, I found a donut!"
Homericon "It looks like one of the donuts from the break room"
Lisaicon "It must have been irradiated when the plant blew up."
Homericon "Now it has the power to locally speed up time... as well as to buy things, for some reason."