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June 12, 2013 - present

The Squidport Expansion was the first major expansion for the game. It was released on June 12, 2013 and is available to all players of Level 15 and over. It is not classed as a major event, as the buildings and features included will be available permanently. The Sea Captain was introduced in this update, as he had been in the games files since March 2013. Along with the Sea Captain, 6 characters with no jobs were released; five of which being Street Performers

The new buildings included could only be placed on Boardwalk Sections. This made placing them especially hard, due to the fact the player has to wait to build more of them. Overall, nine boardwalk buildings were released - two being premium - and they all take up at least 4 spaces of boardwalk tile. Planet Hype and the Ferris Wheel were the only premium buildings, and were therefore not part of the Squidport quest chain. For the latter, an additional side quest was added.

30 new plots of land were opened up on the ocean side, and beaches automatically replaced the rocky mud edge into the ocean. Some items, such as the Houseboat, can only be placed on the ocean. Regular decorations can be placed on boardwalk tiles, but not all boardwalk decorations can be placed on regular land. Land decorations and some Squidport decorations can now be placed on the beaches. Also, fences were now able to turn a full 360 degrees with the update, and the odds and pricing for Springfield Downs changed. It will now cost the player $2000 to place a bet, and the top payout is $200000. Although this may seem good, the odds of getting the top payout are 99:1 and you may only place a bet now once every 8 hours, when before the player could bet every hour. The update also updated the Other Springfield to Level 30 for higher level players.

New ContentEdit

Below is a list of all the new content included in the original Squidport Update on June 12, 2013.


Name Build Time Cost Requirements
Planet Hype 6 seconds Donuts150 Level 15, Squidport Pt.5
Ferris Wheel 6 seconds Donuts120 Level 15, Squidport Pt.5
The Itchy and Scratchy Store 24 hours Cash35000 Level 15, Squidport Pt.5
Malaria Zone 24 hours Cash47500 Level 15, Squidport Pt.7
Just Rainsticks 24 hours Cash52000 Level 15, Squidport Pt.9
The Frying Dutchman 24 hours Cash43000 Level 15, Squidport Pt.11
Turban Outfitters 24 hours Cash61500 Level 16, Squidport Pt.13
My First Tattoo 24 hours Cash54500 Level 17, Squidport Pt.14
Much Ado About Muffins 24 hours Cash48500 Level 18, Squidport Pt.15
Crypto Barn 24 hours Cash81000 Level 19, Squidport Pt.16


Name Cost Requirements
Squidport Entrance Cash4500 Level 15, Squidport Pt.2
Houseboat Cash15000 Level 15, The Old Man and the Sea Pt.1
Basketball Game Donuts40 Level 15, Squidport Pt.5
Boardwalk Bench Cash325 Level 15, Squidport Pt.5

Boardwalk Fountain

Donuts75 Level 15, Squidport Pt.5
Coffee Kart Cash850 Level 15, Squidport Pt.5
Fence Cash270 Level 15, Squidport Pt.5
Fried Dough Stand Cash945 Level 15, Squidport Pt.12
Hot Dog Stand Donuts20 Level 15, Squidport Pt.5
Lamp Post Cash450 Level 15, Squidport Pt.5
Lemonade Stand Cash760 Level 15, Squidport Pt.5
Popcorn Stand


Level 15, Squidport Pt.5


Name Cost/How To Unlock Character Collection
Sea Captain Houseboat Oddballs
Mime Donuts40 Street Performers
Juggler Donuts60 Street Performers
Fiddler Donuts50 Street Performers
Human Statue Cash10000 Street Performers
Fire Eater Donuts70 Street Performers
Handsome Pete Donuts80 Oddballs



  • Upon the release of the Squidport Expansion, the lamp post from the Christmas Event strangely dissapeared. This could be due to the fact that a new lamp post was released with the same name, therefore accidentaly overwriting the old one. However the old lampost returned in an in-game update that came not long after the event started.