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Whacking guide

The Whacking Day Event Guide

The Whacking Day Event was the fourth major event to take place in The Simpsons: Tapped Out. It started on April 10, 2013 and ended on May 16, 2013, after being extended by a week from its earlier planned end date of May 9. Some of the new features which were in the event can be found below. Please note that the Whacking Day Event was only available for players Level 5 and over.

The player had to whack snakes in order to get the new currency of snakes, which could be collected to earn rewards, or snake eggs. Snake eggs could be placed in friends' towns and hatched by their friends. There was a 1% chance that a snake egg may contain a donut. When the player redeemed rewards, snakes did not decrease in the players account and the snake balance was continuous.

After whacking 400 snakes, the player unlocked the Expert Whacking License, which allowed them to whack snakes in friends' towns - a maximum of five per day. The player could also purchase the Elite Whacking License for 50 donuts, which would allow them to whack 10 snakes per day in friends' towns.

An event for Whacking Day had been planned since the games launch, but due to the number of complaints due to game bugs and the App Store removal, the Whacking Day Event for 2012 could not go ahead.

Along with all of the new content, game upgrades were added too. An option to turn on a 'confirm donut spend' box was added, as well as tick-boxes when clicking on the info for unlocking a building. Another major feature was the ability to watch movie clips for the game, including the introduction, building Bart's Treehouse, sending Homer back home and building Moe's. Also, when visiting friends with Origin, they will no longer appear in alphabetical order, and will appear randomly every time you click on the neighbors screen. This is most likely because people complained that if thier Origin username began with a 'z' or a 'y' they did not get visited very much as they were always at the end of the list.

New ContentEdit

Below is a list of all the new content included in the original Whacking Day Event on April 10, 2013:


Name Build Time Cost/Collect Requirements
Lugash's Gym 6 seconds Donuts175 Level 5


Name Cost
Snake Rocks Donuts40
Snake Stump Donuts55
Hollow Snake Trunk Donuts75
Ninja Homer Practice Snake (with Ninja Homer) Donuts120
Snake Speakers Donuts50
Green Practice Snake Donuts10
Purple Practice Snake Donuts10
Red Practice Snake Donuts10
Yellow Practice Snake Donuts10
Whacking Day Banner Cash1000
Whacking T-Shirt Stall Cash4500
Whacking Mugs Stalls Cash10000
Whacking Stick Stall Cash15000
Wind Sock Cash19000


Name Cost/How To Unlock Character Collection
Ninja Homer Ninja Homer Practice Snake
Lugash Lugash's Gym Business Owners
Drederick Tatum Springfield Coliseum B-List Celebrities
Miss Springfield Sleep-Eazy Motel C-List Celebrities
Lumpy Donuts55 Whacking Day


Name Description Cost
Elite Whacking Day License Whack up to 10 snakes in friends' Springfields each day! Donuts50
Basket of Snake Eggs 12 Snake Eggs to place in friends' towns Donuts3


Prize Snakes Needed Type of Prize
Fort Sensible Snakes150 Building
Expert Whacking Licence Snakes400 Miscellaneous
Gymnastic Lisa and Balance Beam Snakes1000 Decoration
Snake Rocks Snakes2000 Decoration
Snake Statue Snakes3000 Decoration
Duff Stadium Snakes4250 Building
Pet Snake Snakes5500 Character
Bare Chested Willie Snakes7500 Costume
Springfield Coliseum with Drederick Tatum Snakes10000 Building
Sleep-Eazy Motel with Miss Springfield Snakes12500 Building
Whack Box Snakes13500 Miscellaneous
Whack Box Snakes14500 Miscellaneous
Whack Box Snakes15500 Miscellaneous
Whack Box Snakes16500 Miscellaneous
Whack Box Snakes17500 Miscellaneous
Whack Box Snakes18500 Miscellaneous
Whack Box Snakes19500 Miscellaneous
Whack Box Snakes20500 Miscellaneous
Whack Box Snakes21500 Miscellaneous
Whack Box Snakes22500 Miscellaneous